We started the year off with the collection of our new Porsche Cayenne Diesel. We took a risk with the colour, Umber Metallic, as a big brown car could look, well, not good. But, it looks great. In fact the Porsche Silverstone dealer has even borrowed it to put in their showroom to show prospective customers how good the car can look if you don’t order it in black or silver (the most popular colours).

It replaced our old Cayenne S as the family car. It really is incomparable though in all but name. The design, finish, materials – all far superior in the new car. And the economy – the old V8 Cayenne S would manage between 16 and 18 mpg. The new Cayenne Diesel gets 40 – 44 mpg. Amazing for such a big car with a Porsche badge! The torque from the diesel is impressive too…

We’re very pleased with it, as you can probably tell!