Today was a special day. A good friend and member of the Gentleman Drivers Club turned up at GDC HQ in a silver McLaren F1. I heard it before I saw it, but as I wasn’t expecting him to turn up, it was a jaw-dropping moment as this incredible car rolled up and parked next to my Porsche.

This car is an automotive Concorde – it really does have so much presence still. The attention to detail, the sound of the engine, the compact lines… It really is perfect.

After a few pictures I was offered a quick drive. Despite having three seats, this is not a big car – the seat was snug to say the least and, when the door was down, it was nothing short of intimate! But that’s okay, see – because this is a McLaren F1.

Next was the drive. It’s hard not to use clichéd superlatives, but it didn’t leave me disappointed. Every gear was ferocious – pulling hard all the way through the rev range. In every gear. Until you’re going quick enough to lose your licence a few times over. Doubling the clutch is essential, but that just builds the anticipation of what the next gear will provide…

The fastest car I’ve driven is a Pagani Zonda, in Modena around the hills surrounding Maranello. Baiting Ferrari test drivers was a time I will not forget, but today my greatest ‘car’ memory replaced even that. It even beat driving around the Nordschleife as Sabine Schmitz passenger in a Porsche 997.2 GT3 RS whilst on a hot lap. And all we did was the run down the A507 to the M1 J13 and back again.

Last night on Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson said that the E-Type was our finest automotive achievement – I beg to differ Clarkson, the McLaren F1 is truly the finest car to be ‘Made In Britain’.