Yesterday was ‘a good day’. Hired a flat-bed truck before making the 3 hour drive to pick up my new classic Porsche. If you follow me, then you’ll have seen my last post which detailed what car it is that I’ve bought…

Seeing it in the flesh, my enthusiasm has only deepened. The history with the car is excellent and includes photographs of the work that has been done on it to date. It’s a fabulous base from which to start building ‘my perfect 911’.

Dropped off at my choice of specialist to do the work, OPV 192 is in good company – parked between to a 1,200km F40 and two One-77’s (they are looking after FIVE of these £1.2m Aston’s!). We are making a Stage 1 and Stage 2 list of works that need doing. Stage 1 should be done quite soon, but the plan is to have rest of the work done over the winter.

Initial thoughts are to replace RSR whale tail and bumpers with slightly more discreet original RS parts from Historika. I’ll also be securing some original RSR seats to replace FIA spec buckets too… That’s just the start, but I’ll probably only do this once, so it needs to be just right.

The pics show OPV 192 on the truck and another RSR spec car that is similar to what I want to achieve. Very excited.