Good things come to those that wait. I am now the proud owner of Porsche chassis #303503. An early 1966 car imported from the US, it was recently owned and worked on by Magnus Walker, a trending name in the early 911 scene.

The engine has been rebuilt with larger 2.2-type pistons and cylinders and combines Solex cams with Weber carburettors. ANDIAL in the USA did a lot of the work pre-Magnus owning it. Kevin at Andial built the gearbox. Dieter (the DI in Andial) sourced and fitted the front vented brakes and got the engine tuned. The engine and heads were done by a Swiss German gentleman who used to do Ferrari F1 heads back in the 60’s. He used to build various 911 race motors in the nineties and when he was done with this engine he closed up shop and went to work for Cosworth USA building Champ/Indy motors. I wonder if he’s at all involved in the engines now going in the wonderful Singer 911’s?

There is a taller fifth gear for longer journeys. The car retains the original matching numbers engine and gearbox cases and both could be returned to their original configuration without much difficulty – but this car is for driving, not looking at in a garage. There is a short shifter on the gearchange and later vented-type discs at the front as well as Minilite wheels all round. It had black Fuchs on before Magnus bought it, but I like the Minilites, so they will stay.

Since landing on our shores it has had the wiring looked at, service, new steering wheel (vintage Momo), rain covers for the carbs, new wipers and headlights converting to UK spec. Sailed through its MOT and will be ready to drive after Christmas. I can’t wait.