Last year I came very close to buying several different cars, but something always seemed to go wrong. Be that an unscrupulous dealer in terms of the 944 Turbo; or a different dealer selling the 1972 911T to two different people. I did manage to buy the 1969 Porsche 911 3.0 RS Replica at auction, but that car ended up needing more work than I wanted to do. Quite a frustrating year.

That was 2012 though. What a difference a year makes. Started off by paying a deposit for my 1966 Porsche 911 SWB. A car owned by Magnus Walker. A very special car that is exactly what I was looking for. Then, whilst still in Germany for Christmas, I put my 1969 911 on eBay to see what it would make. Ended up selling for £2,600 more than I paid – without me needing to pay out a penny on it. How often does that happen?

That momentum continued, and I managed to secure a car I’ve coveted since they came out – a Porsche Spyder that has a fabulous spec. Rare colour, silver, manual gearbox with sport shift, alcantara interior, sports exhaust and the all-important Porsche Carbon Ceramic Bakes (PCCB). This car was specced by Porsche Great Britain and used as part of a ‘road-show’ to promote the Spyder to all dealers and VIP Customers. It accompanied a rather special Porsche 550 Spyder…

Two new purchases, and they simply are perfect stable mates. I grabbed a few pictures this weekend and can’t wait to take the Spyder to North Wales later this week with the club. I’ll be sure to post some pics from the EVO Triangle when I get back.

Now we just need the weather to brighten up. And for my contractor to finish the bloody garage so I can put the cars in it… He started that in 2012, maybe that’s why it is still not done?