I have been sent a message from the original builder of my 1966 911 SWB. As I already knew, he built the car over quite a period before selling it to Magnus Walker three years ago. After that, we know, as it’s my responsibility to write the next chapter. Here is what he said…

I built this car (minus stripes and Minilites – I had all black Fuchs) from 1994-1997 sold it to Magnus in 2010. I owned it from 1994-2010. He added the Minilites and stripes.

I bought it from a ex pro football player leaving the US to go play pro football in Spain. It was never meant to be a purist restoration. I built it the way I wanted it, a “Café racer 911”. I would not say it’s “un-restored”, it was supposed to be Aga Blue. I preferred silver. I had it painted silver in 1995. It has true Solex cams with 2.2 E pistons (they slip in, no machining to the case needed). All Machine work was done by Ollie’s in Santa Ana except the oil pump and cams rebuilt at Lukes & Shoremen.

I got most of the parts and tons of help from the guys at Andial who liked the fact that I was doing a vintage looking car not an update like everyone else was doing back then. I picked the engine combo with help from Andial and FAT who used to build these for one-off road race cars and the engine was assembled by a Swiss guy who used to do Ferrari’s F1 heads back in the 60’s. (He did the heads too and built all of my friend’s race 911 motors).

The powerband with that combo is amazing. It pulled smooth from 2.200-7,000 and when the carbs are all tuned up from 5,000-7,000 (6,800 is where I had the rev limiter set) it feels like you are getting kicked in the spine.

The Transmission was rebuilt by Kevin at Andial as well as most of the suspension. Kevin installed a 9% taller 5th gear when he rebuilt it. That gear was a pain to track down and cost $700 for the gear set alone as I remember it. The last time I had it weighed it was 2201lbs with spare tire and a tool kit and full tank of gas. When Andial had it on the scales they said it was the squarest (corner weights) of any street car they had ever weighed. The corner weights were just a few pounds different and were what they expected out of race cars on the scales.

Yeah, it’s got an S bumper that doesn’t belong on there and Talbot mirrors, but it was the look I wanted, clearly not for everyone. But, hands down what sells this car is driving it. It’s a purely sensory experience, and it is so much fun to drive. You should post a video driving it. The sound alone would sell this car. I wish I could afford to buy it back. I wish I didn’t need to sell it in the first place.

The engine and transmission are the correct matching numbers for this car. The engine was enlarged to 2.2 but can be put back to 2.0 for the jack wagons that feel it should go that way, since there was no machining to the case. There was machining to the heads for the CE gasket from the 84mm barrels but you can it just makes it so that you can run the gasket from the 80mm 2.0 barrels or the 84mm 2.2. So to all of those purists that I offended the sensibilities with this car, I am glad I could do so, enjoy!

My next post will be of this car and the Porsche Spyder in their new home – the garage is nearly finished and I can’t wait to get my old 911 in the dry. The garage is excessive, but the car is worth it!