Image</About one year ago, I started the process of designing a garage for our home. We'd moved in 8 months earlier and initially dismissed the property as it didn't have anywhere for our cars. We had fallen in love with the house though, so decided to proceed with a view to creating a garage at some point once we moved in. Earlier on in this blog I talked about the process of engaging an architect – the design was done and within a few months planning permission granted. The work began in late summer 2012 and only finished last week.


The initial groundwork and first course of blockwork was in before the Winter, so at least we had somewhere to park during the cold snap, but there was obviously no roof yet. The plan was to continue with the build after Christmas, but we were beset by problems – snow, contractor going away unannounced, snow, issues with the neighbours, snow.


Eventually, work commenced in March 2013 and didn’t really let up until completion. We had totally underestimated the time it would take – as had the contractor it seemed. It did, of course, go over budget by about £7k, but in the end we have something that I love. My wife is less bothered, but then I don’t get excited by stables and she does.

Security system and HD cameras are installed. The floor has LED uplighters and the finished surface is a specific type of resin stone that is not porus – any oil can be washed away with a little water and Swarfega Oil Remover (which I’ve tested and works a treat). The glass is bomb-proof and 12mm thick. To sit in our lounge of an evening and see the cars all parked up doesn’t get old. The roof has a contemporary line, but it’s the glass that makes the space special. The vintage Porsche Motorsport posters are framed using perspex and a unique fixing that, once fixed, will not come off… We could have built it cheaper. We could have designed it in a less elaborate way. But now it’s done, I wouldn’t change a thing. Doors will be going on before the Winter (I need to re-apply for a planning amendment), but at least the Spyder and 911 SWB now have a suitable home.

It’s not really a garage – the architect dubbed it the ‘Porsche Pavilion’, and I kinda like that.