Seeing the chaps at Historika can be a bad thing. Late last month I went to the Silverstone Classic to see Historika competing their early 911 – unfortunately they were having some mechanical issues… And so was I having driven my SWB to the circuit that weekend. On the way there, the brakes needed pumping and on the way back the oil pressure was playing up. These things are normal on old cars, but rare on mine. Maybe it was a sign? A sign that the old girl deserves a vacation to Historika just outside Ipswich maybe?

After a chat with Nick at Historika today, we agreed that they will come and collect #503 before I go on the Club Mulholland Italian Grantour. So what am I going to do? Well, the bodywork and respray will be done in a few months – so these will be interim works and improvements.

I’m a big fan of the 1967 911R, so many influences from there are going to make their way on to #503 – perspex rear window with external support struts; 911R rear deck lid hinges that open fully; black mesh for engine grille and rear 911R lights.

I’m looking at a Capristo exhaust system for the Porsche Spyder which will improve sound and performance, so I can hardly leave the little SWB out. I will be taking some advice from Historika, but I want a twin-pipe historic racing Porsche system with a non-tarnishing Ceramic coating in factory grey – which should take the sound up to around 120dB!

Finally, the engine will get some real TLC, full service and tune up. The carbs will also get rebuilt. And, if there’s time, I’d like to get the central fuel filler fitted. The 911R front bumper probably won’t go on until the respray. The Fuchs will probably be left here and I’ll get Neil Bainbridge at BS Motorsport to do those – traditional finish or satin black? Decisions, decisions.