The new Porsche GT4 is being hailed by the automotive press as one of the finest cars that Porsche produce. A beautifully balanced mid-engined Cayman that has had a heart transplant from the 911. A 3.8 litre flat-6. With many shared parts from the big-brother GT3, this is a car that every Porsche enthusiast wants.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to say that I will be getting one of these GT4’s. I have had my LOI (Letter Of Interest) in for over 1 year for this car. I was the first name down at my OPC.

Porsche 918 Spyder owners have been given first refusal on all Weissach developed cars – GT4 and GT3 RS. That means that three 918 owners at OPC Solihull will get their cars before me – and my car will now be delivered in October. However, my spec has the carbon-backed bucket seats, and that means I will have to wait a further 8 weeks for the car – sometime in December. It’s a long time to wait for a car that I specced yesterday…

That said, I may as well wait until 01 January for the GT4 so that it is a ‘2016’ car. And then it struck me. My Porsche 911 SWB is a 1966 car. It was registered on 01 January 1966 so it will be exactly 50 years old on 01 January 2016 – the same day I want my GT4 to be registered.


Both of these lightweight sports-purpose cars share many common traits – the GT4 is a Motorsport developed car, as was my 911 SWB – being developed by ANDIAL Motorsport in the USA. I have therefore decided to spec my rebuild of the 911SWB in a similar way to the GT4 with a colour change from silver to Schiefergrau – the same grey that Steve McQueen specced his own 911S. What better birthday present for the old car?


Historika are currently working on the 911SWB and it should be ready at some point next month – hopefully in time for Le Mans in June, when I will take it to the chateau that McQueen lived in when filming Le Mans.  

The SWB will be better than new. The job Historika are doing is simply sublime. I think I’ll have the best pair of Porsches you could hope for, but then again I could be a little biased… 

Separated by 50 years. Exactly.

Porsche celebrated their own 50th birthday with two grey Porsches too. I think I need to start planning a birthday party. Who wants to come?